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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

funny thing, relevancy

Recently i have not been posting manly because when I want to make a post I forget and then it is no longer relevant. For instance, here are a list of posts I was going to make:
  • there was a new set up for Tortuga and padres Del Fuego (I even got to see the new padres Del Fuego before everybody els because i had access to the test server)
  • I was going to write a review on a recent game iv been playing called spore
  • and did I mention May third was my little sisters birthday? of course not because it was no longer relevant (by the way happy birthday sis)
  • also I recently ended my unlimited access because I'm holding off until the krakken comes on.
There that's all. I'll try to keep up but it's not easy.

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Vicki said...

LOL!!! I'm laughing as I can SO relate!! In trying to 'update' my blog, I lost it...then started a new one instead of focusing on the first. My son (11yo) decided to help with the posts. It is focused on World of Warcraft Murlocs. Come visit! (Not much there yet just a start.) (hehehe~like the address?)