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Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Invasion of Port Royal

Ok so do you remember last Halloween when everyone turned undead and we all tried to kill each other... Well this year they did something slightly different...

omg!!! its Jolly Roger!!!!

yes that really is Jolly Roger. In the flesh. Sort of... This year they,ve started invasions of the undead. Every hour or so they send undead to invade Port Royal. They come in 7 groups, and when all groups fail Jolly Roger appears and tries to destroy the mansion. So you want to know just how powerful he is? Well imagine Darth Vader's power + the faceless ones (from skulduggery pleasant) power put together. Now imagine that + the fact that he will try to kill you much faster, and there you have his power. He blasted me to pieces, blasted my sister sierra twice, and hit my dad's character with lightning (yes, lightning). The first time I tried I failed epically. The second time I tried I won. The first time my sister tried she won and then died the second time around. And my dad was helping us on all occasions. Anyway here is a screen shot from when my sister tried.

you can see Roger in the far back

Anyway I'm of to try it again. wish me luck cause I will most likely die horribly. Oh and on a side note here is a picture of my Halloween costume.

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